Top Universal Sales Closes

If you are to become proficient in closing the “sale” you will have to become knowledgeable of the many different types of sale closes. First of all, a good salesperson must understand this fact; products and services are sold, not bought and top salespeople always plan their closes in advance. Shooting from the hip is not a practiced art of top salespeople.

Here are two questions that you must be comfortable asking your customers:

1. Does this make sense to you thus far?

2. What questions or concerns do you have for me right now?

These two questions without a doubt will get you the furthest in the sales process than any other questions by causing the customer to share what they do or don’t understand. Most objections from a customer are due from the customer not understanding the value they will obtain by possessing the product or service you present them.

The following is a list of proven closes used by some of the top salespeople in the sales profession:

1. Invitation Close: “Mr. or Miss. Customer why don’t you just give us a trial run to see if our products or services are to your liking. You have nothing to lose but being a satisfied customer.”

2. Preference Close: Give the customer several choices between prices and/or products. No one likes to be pushed into a corner. By offering choices to the customer it gives the customer the illusion that they are in control of the transaction. Always know that the person who is asking the most questions is in control of the conversation. So, ask away!

3. Secondary Close: You will want to keep the customers mind on your products or services and bring up as many reasons why the customer may find value in owning or using the products and services you have to offer. In many cases, a customer’s attention may wander. If this does happen to you, it is imperative that you get the customer concentrating back on subject at hand.

4. Directive Close: Let the customer know what the next step is; (plan of action) then guarantee the customer that you will take care of all the details personally, concerning the product or service red tape immediately! Most customers want to be rest assured that the salesperson is competent and in control.

5. Shape Angle Close: “Mr. or Miss. Customer, if we can satisfy all of your concerns regarding our products or services, what would stop you from doing business with us right now”?

6. Authorization Close: “With your authorization here on this agreement” We can get started right away providing you with the products or services we spoke of this evening.” People want things taken care of right away. People also want to know the value in what they are about to own or purchase.

7. I Want To Think It Over Close: “That’s a good idea that you do so.” “I know this is a very important decision you are about to make.” “Obviously you have a good reason for wanting to think it over?” “May I ask what that reason may be?”

8. Assuring Your Customer Close: “When working with our organization you will receive extraordinary service!” “The quality of our products and services are the top in the industry!” “Our organization makes our products and services convenient to our customers!” “You will know the true value and the significance of owning our product’s or service’s once you see how they work or function!”

There are several keys to being successful in selling. You will want to get serious and decide to follow through with your commitment to be the best at our craft. Next, you will want to identify your prominent skills, so you can become a successful salesperson. You will then want to surround yourself with the best of the best, so you can ultimately become the best.

Taking care of your physical health is very important also. Your health has a lot to do with your demeanor and confidence. Your attitude controls your altitude. So, stay healthy and strive to be the best in all you do. You will want to have a positive visualization of greatness. You will want to see yourself as the very best in your field. You are what you think about all the time. The way you visualize yourself will be the person you will become.

Be careful how you talk to yourself. Talk to yourself positively. You will want to control your inner dialog. Never forget! Positive input = positive output! Garbage in, garbage stays! Never lose sight that the quality of your life will be determined by the depth of your commitment to excellence more than any other factor.