The Future of Data Scientists by 2020

The growth of job profiles asking for analytical and scientific skills from 2.3 million in the year 2015 to 2.9 million by 2018 is evident of the fact that the scope and the worth of data scientist are going to expand in the near future awarding the better opportunities to the job aspirants.

The workforce needs of the big giants have now shifted to a huge demand of highly skilled breed of professionals such as data analysts, data scientists, machine learning etc. possessing the required skill sets and the knowledge base.

But the major difficulty involved is that the availability of skilled professionals is less than the huge demand made by the top fortune companies. It is vital that the gap which has been created is to be filled.

This can be done only when the existing professionals enhance their skill sets by learning the skills required to deal with the big data and the new entrants aspire to become the data scientist.


1. The major source of attraction which would make a candidate to go for data science is the handsome salary packages offered by the companies in the field of data science.

2. The humongous amount of job opportunities is available in the field of Data Science. Hence, one needs not to worry about whether any company would recruit him/her as a data scientist.

Every company in today’s era is in need of data scientists because they have the knowledge base and the expertise to deal with the data and to gain the perceptions out of it which further decision-making process becomes smarter and logical.

3. The skill sets and the knowledge base acquired by undergoing data science courses assist you in reaching greater heights in your life, be it personal or professional.

4. If the numbers and algorithms intrigue you and you love doing coding, then pursuing data science as a career option is the best decision for your life.


The smart decisions based on the expertise of the professionals assist the Organizations in improving the productivity and profitability of the business firms.

It further assists the Organizations in identifying and implementing the new market revenue opportunities and at the same time identifying the early warning signals and undertaking the steps to overcome them.

This all can be achieved by effective and proper analysis of the data by using the tools and the methodologies associated with the data analysis which is the prime responsibility of the data scientist.

Taking the right decision at the right time will serve as an icing on the cake. It serves as a medium to improve the customer satisfaction, thereby leading the company on the pathway of growth and development.

The adoption of data science has become the lifeblood of every successful and profitable business enterprise.

Hence it can be said that it is no more a question of whether Organizations should adopt the data science or not. It is the necessity that every organization must keep into consideration if it wants to move forward on the pathway to success.