Features of the Best Mining Pump

When talking about mining pumps, it is one of the most important machines for the mining industries. It is necessary to have an efficient pumping machine to get the best results. If you are also in the search for a proper mining pump, then you are in the right place. Here, you will be introduced to an excellent mining pump that efficient in working and worthy of buying.

Zoomilan Pump Co. Ltd offers two kinds of mining pumps- Mining Pump (Self-balancing Multi-stage centrifugal pump) and Mining Pump (Balance Disc Multi-stage centrifugal pump). The first one is self-balancing and arranged symmetrically with no movement axially. The pump is designed to handle the ore water, where solid particles around 1.5% may be present and the diameter of solid particles is equal to or less than 1.3 mm. The water temperature should be around -20 to 80 (in degree Celsius). The application of this mining pump is usually brought into use for underground drainage and mine drainage. The Multi-stage structure of the mining pump helps it to work efficiently (32-84%).

The second mining pump has a structure of a balanced disc and it is used mostly for mining drainage underground. The material used in the making of this pump is ductile iron as liquid contains solid ore particles. It has features like high power, performance covering a wide range, high efficiency, low noise, long life, and safety. The pump is used to handle the water which is free of any solid particles (or abrasive) or water-like liquids. It is also designed to handle oil, water, abrasive or corrosive fluid by the change of pump material, the seal, or the cooling system’s pressure. It can be used from temperature 0 to 80 degrees (in Celsius).

Features and Specifications

Some of the features and specifications of the pumps are:

Mining pump (Self-balancing)

  • The capacity of 6.3 -1100 cubic meters
  • Head contains pressure of 7.5-180 bar
  • Price may range from $4250-71230
  • Power range is 5.5-4500 kW
  • Speed is 1480-2950 rotation per minute
  • The voltage range is 380V-10 KV
  • Has 12 impellers

Mining Pump (Balance Disc)

  • Has a capacity of 6.3-850 cubic meter
  • Head contains pressure of 1.7-100 bar
  • Price may range from $2300-37,000
  • Power range is 3-1800 kW
  • Speed is 1480-2950 rotation per minute
  • The voltage range is 380V- 10 KV
  • Has 3 impellers


Both the pumps have their own advantages. The self-balancing pump is efficient in using energy, cost-saving, and is easy to maintain. The high efficiency of the pump helps in saving energy. The advanced design of the structure reduces the cost of maintenance. As a balancing system is absent, the pump contains fewer parts that have chances of wear and tear, also operation time without failure is long enough. The balance disc pump also has its own advantages. Due to its unique structure, it has energy conservation and high-efficiency features. There is a seal ring of O type between the pump and the balancing plate. There is also an indicator after the balancing plate.


Q. What is the product range?

Ans. Many different types of pumps are produced by the company like all sectional pumps of the multistate ring structure, chemical pumps for end suction mostly driven by diesel or electrical engine, pumps of split case. Any other demands of pumps can also be fulfilled with the help of cooperative manufacturers.

Q. What information is needed to access your offer?

Ans. The more specifications you provide, the better it is for us to help you. Mainly specifications like capacity and working pressure, voltage, the frequency for the electric motor, and medium temperature for the liquid medium will be useful.