Benefits of Boys and Girls Scout Programs

The Boys and Girls Scout Programs are more than after school activities to get your children out of the house, socializing with their peers, and learning how to set up a tent. The programs teach valuable life lessons and skills that will help your child excel in school and increase the likelihood that they’ll build a successful career in adulthood. Children learn independence away from their parents, manners, self-respect, and useful life skills. The benefits below demonstrate further how valuable this experience is for youth.

Leadership and Teamwork

Adults understand how important leadership skills and being an effective team player contribute to the workplace. The scouts programs teach children appropriate leadership skills and how to work within a team by participating in activities such as games, litter clean-ups, camping, cooking lessons, navigation, gardening, and arts and crafts. The variety of activities offered have children alternating between challenges that must be completed alone or within a team, while alternating designated leaders so children respect both their team members and leaders.

Community Service

Community service activities remind children to be grateful for what they have and to instill a lifelong appreciation for giving back to their communities. Boys and girls participate in a variety of community service activities including working at local food banks, park cleanup projects, spending time with the elderly, donating to those in need, and fundraising for reputable nonprofit organizations.

Physical Fitness

It is a well-known fact that America has one of the highest obesity rates in history, but those who participate in either the Boy Scout or Girl Scout programs are taught at a young age how beneficial being active is, not only for the body but also for mental health. The frequent outdoor activities allow children to enjoy the clean air of the mountains, work their cardiovascular systems on a long hike, and participate in field games for healthy competition. All of which will teach a lifetime of healthy habits.

Lifelong Friends

After the numerous activities, challenges, and projects, boys and girls will form lifelong friendships with their fellow scouts. It is also beneficial in that children will get to know others from different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life, allowing them to open their minds to diversity, understanding, and appreciation of others.


Commonly known as merit badges, children collect a variety of custom embroidered patches to commemorate accomplishments such as successfully building a campfire, painting a masterpiece, designing a website, or starring in a play that decorates their uniform. Custom patches used as a symbol of achievement helps build and enhance kids’ self-confidence and encourages them to reach for bigger dreams. Custom patches used as a symbol of achievement helps build and enhance kids’ self-confidence and encourages them to reach for bigger dreams.