Why Serviced Apartments Are a Great Choice for Business Travellers Compared With Hotels

There are many reasons why serviced apartments are better for a business traveller when compared to hotels. When you are a regular business traveller, you need more than just a bed for the night. You may need some space to catch up on business at the office, whether you are away for 1 night or 6 months. The good news is that if you are travelling on business, many serviced apartment companies now offer the services of a luxury hotel with up to 3 times more space. Serviced apartments offer great value for money and a place that lives up to the phrase home away from home.

A place to relax away from the office is an important objective for many people who are looking for either a long-term business stay or short, regular trips to a different city for work. Apartments offer a quiet place to catch up with work, whilst there are often communal areas similar to a hotel – such as a gym and bar – so you do not need to feel as if you are stuck in your room. Who said you couldn’t mix business and relaxation?

Do you need a place to conduct business meetings or meet with colleagues? Like hotels, many serviced apartments now provide meetings and conference facilities on site, reflecting the high number of business guests that choose this type of accommodation. You can hold that business meeting away from the noise of the city, then when you are finished, you are not far from your lounge and bedroom. It’s like having a conference facility in your own home.

When staying in a new city for a longer period of time, it is important to be located close to the city centre, where you are not forced to be holed up in your serviced apartment the whole day. You will want to catch up with friends and family back home, and most apartments will offer direct-dial telephones and wifi Internet to allow you to do just that. If you are travelling from abroad, you may find satellite television is an important consideration to allow you to catch up with what is happening in the world. Just like in a hotel, you will probably be able to get your daily newspaper delivered to your door. With the services that you will get here, save for your family, you will be tempted to say that this is more than your home.