Why Corporate Serviced Accommodation Is Often Better Than a Hotel

Ask someone to describe what they would consider to be corporate accommodation and they will probably return a description of a generic and somewhat bland hotel room. They may describe the hotel as luxury or five-star but it will inevitably be a hotel room. Anyone travelling on business has much more in the way of corporate accommodation than just a hotel room on offer to them; they just need to be aware of what is out there. Corporate stay apartments offer much more than any hotel ever could, no matter what star rating it has. There are far more benefits to the business traveller when they opt for an apartment over a hotel and these are not just benefits that are reflected in the difference in price.

Whether it is a short term trip or a long term stay, a corporate apartment is undoubtedly the best option. When there is more than just the one representative from the company travelling businesses end up having to cover the extra expense of booking several identical hotel rooms, but by choosing an apartment with multiple bedrooms all of the representatives can stay together, in spacious accommodation, without incurring any extra charges.

The Benefits of Corporate Apartments

Consider the amenities that you are presented with when you are booked into a hotel. Your room will have facilities for making a hot drink, may even contain a coffee machine and if you are lucky you will have a small mini bar style fridge that can hold a pint of milk. Book into an apartment however and you have the facilities of a full kitchen at your disposal including an oven and a microwave as well as a full sized fridge. Rather than being faced with the offerings of a local restaurant and further increasing the cost of his stay and subsequent expenses claim, the traveller can cook his or her own food in their own kitchen when they like and eat in a relaxed atmosphere like they can at home rather than having to be dressed for dinner and face the prospect of eating in a restaurant alone.

Relax and Unwind

Those people who need to travel as part of their job often find that they are never able to truly relax until they get home again. Hotel rooms offer enough space to simply sleep, shower and dress whereas a serviced apartment offers real living space away from the bedroom, a place to sit and eat a home cooked meal and more than enough comfort to be able to kick off their shoes and relax in front of the television after a hard day or if they really must, work on their laptop. Think about the impact that this has on the individual, how much happier, more at ease and ready for work they will be when they can stay in a home away from home.