Different Types Of TV Commercials

TV advertising remains a powerful way of promoting one’s business. No wonder, more and more business people want to hire production companies to make encouraging ads for their organization.

When it comes to TV commercials, there are many different types.

TV Commercial Styles

Serious – This puts a serious message across. Oftentimes, this do not include jingles, jolly voices or beds, happy characters, or bright colours. It does not contain anything that is mocking a serious subject.

Humorous – This makes use of comedy in order to create laughter from their audience so they can sell their products. The humour is often used to let the audience remember the commercial.

Factual – This will include many statistics and facts to inform their audience. An example is the ads about the dangers of smoking. Facts are being advertised on TV to shock the viewers so they’ll stop smoking.

Fiction – This puts across something that is usually a character that is not real but only fantasy.

Pastiche – This is a radio style, attempting to mirror a current product. This is often done in a song.

Repetition – The advertisement is being repeated to make the audience remember the message the ad wants to convey.

Simple – This is just basic and uncomplicated. It displays no difficulty. Oftentimes, this is used to put out a clear message without any complications.

Complex – This is a radio add that is complicated and aims to distract the audience from something.

Nostalgic – This refers back to past years, which is quite similar to a trip down memory lane. The main aim of this style is to take the audience through different eras.

Futuristic – This will include anything that is associated with the future. This may include advanced technology or aliens. They make use of a futuristic creature.

Modern – This is a radio commercial with modern aspects that usually include many jingles. Indeed, modern technology allowed video production companies to do this.

Aggressive – This is a style that seems to be angry as evident by high tone of the narrator’s voice or by an angry content. The word “Now” is usually repeated.

Persuasive – This aims to persuade the audience. It includes prices and makes use of words such as “only” so they can efficiently persuade the target audience.

Immediacy – This has a sense of urgency and hurry.

Long-term – This is a radio commercial that can be used for a very long period of time. It does not include limited deals. Oftentimes, this is used to raise brand awareness.

If you are a company owner wanting to invest in commercial TV ads, consider being aware of these different styles.