Branded Screen Cleaners – 5 Cool Ideas!

Looking for a good cleaning agent for your electronics? Look no further. Screen Cleaners keep your iPod, phone or laptop in mint condition. A clean screen will also keep your device operational for a longer period of time. Screen Cleaners offer long-lasting and non-abrasive ways to clean your screen. These cleaners use microfiber technologies which give pretty consistent results.

Branded Screen Cleaners keep your device clean and they also transform it into an easy and effective marketing tool by effectively placing a logo on the back of your phone or tablet.

5 Ways Companies Have Used Screen Cleaners…

1. Add your logo to the screen cleaner sticker

These are stickers which come in many colors and patterns. They adhere to the back of your devices, such as cell phones, and are therefore not easy to misplace. These stickers use silicon and this ensures that they stick for a longer period of time without leaving any marks on your devices. To customize these stickers, logos can be added to them for a more personal touch. The logo can also serve as a branding indicator, so that your company logo is always present and in front of customers and potential customers, no matter where they go.

2. Add your logo to a microfiber cloth

These cloths can be used to clean desktop computer, laptop, iPad, phone, TVs, lenses on glasses, or anything with a screen. The cloths are machine washable and they absorb oil consistently; a good property when it comes to removing fingerprints from a screen. It is a lightweight and durable microfiber cloth which is portable. A logo or message can also be added to this cloth for a more fun look. The logo will enable your brand to be transported to company meetings, tradeshows and other important business functions.

3. Add a bright color to increase visibility

Both the sticker and the cloth can be spruced up by adding some extra color. Adding bright colors, which will easily catch the eye and increase visibility. On a sticker, the color will add personality to your device and make it a talking point with clients. Cloths on the other hand can be made more attractive with a pop of color, encouraging people to pick them up, clean their screen, and most importantly, see your brand’s image.

4. Add your contact information along with your logo

Adding your contact information to a screen cleaner sticker or microfiber cloth is an easy (and smart) way to encourage phone calls or emails. Both current and potential customers who want to get more information on the products or who want to place an order can do so simply by looking at their microfiber cleaner.

5. Add a custom QR code

A QR code is a quick response code which is a trademark for a barcode. It is machine readable and it contains information linked to that item. Adding a custom QR code is a good idea because you can offer a quick and easy way for people to find out who you are and what you offer.