Advertising Flags And How To Create The Best For Your Campaign

Advertising flags make very effective channels of promoting services, products and even events. The brightly colored flags easily manage to capture the attention of your targeted audience as they flap away in the wind. There are several options you can choose from and when you have the designed appropriately, you will have successful results with your advertising campaign.

The major options you have when it comes to the advertising flags are traditional style flags, teardrop and feather flags. The traditional flags are great for times when you have a tight budget because they are cheaper and will work in attracting the attention. Teardrop flags on the other hand are great for indoor or outdoor use and are very functional for windy conditions. The unique shape ensures that they do not end up wrapping around the pole as it is usually the case with traditional flags.

Feather or Bali flags are the other option you have and they are named after the shape; they are not light and frail as you would imagine. They come in different sizes and perform excellently in windy conditions. Apart from choosing the style you feel works best for your campaign, there are other elements that must be considered to create the most successful advertising flag possible.

Colors – The number of colors you wish to have on the flag can directly impact the cost of printing. It can also dictate the type of printing that is most suitable. Digital printing offers better quality and is cost effective and you should ensure that you select colors that sell your brand but at the same time attract attention.

Material – The flag materials determine cost and appearance. Consider the locations where you want the flags placed to choose the most suitable material. For instance, if the flag will be placed outdoors exposed to harsh weather, then you should choose a fabric that is able to withstand the outdoor elements. Think quality and printing capabilities to when choosing the flag material.

Size – The logo or images and text you want on the flag should guide you to the right banner size. Remember that the flag details ought to be big enough to be readable depending on where you wish to place the flags. For detailed and noticeable images, always choose a bigger flag that offers optimum visibility.

Printed sides – When it comes to advertising flags, you need to decide whether you will print one side or both sides. One sided flags usually allows color to bleed through the other side, whereas double sided flags are created with three layers of materials so they can be printed on both sides. The double sided are more expensive, but neater compared to the one sided option.

There are so many flag options and you can choose different kinds of placements apart from the usual flagpoles. Choose a trustworthy flag factory to make your flags in bulk and according to your requirements. When everything is thought through, you are bound to be successful in your marketing campaign.